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Differential Topology II

MATH 7852.01: Differential Topology II

DeRahm and Cech cohomology; deRahm Theorem; Grassmannians; Stiefel-Whitney, Euler, Chern, and Pontryagin classes; Gysin sequence, Thom isomorphism; characteristic numbers, multiplicative sequences, Hirzebruch signature theorem; Chern-Weil Theory.
Prereq: 6702 and 6802 and 7851.01. Not open to students with credit for 7852.02.
Credit Hours

Recommended Textbooks

Title:  Differential Topology
Author: Hirsch
Publisher: Springer
ISBN:  9780387901480

Title: Topology from the Differentiable Viewpoint
Author:  Milnor
Publisher:  Princton
ISBN:  9780691048338

Title:  Differential Topology
Author:  Guillemin & Pollack
Publisher:  AMS
ISBN:  9780821851937


Title: No textbook required