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Precalculus with Review II

MATH 1121: Precalculus with Review II

The purpose of this sequence is to accelerate students who need to complete Math 1151 Calculus I or beyond. Enrollment priority will be given to STEM majors. This is the second course of a two-course sequence covering precalculus. In this course, topics covered will include systems of equations, trigonometry, inverse functions, and applications of functions (including previews of some calculus topics) along with appropriate review. This course is designed with an added emphasis on conceptual understanding of these topics as a preparation for Calculus.
Credit Hours

A grade of C- or above in 1120 or 1148. Enrollment priority will be given to STEM majors.
Not open to students with credit for 1121 or above.
Follow-up Course:
Math 1151
Precalculus with Review 2 in Ximera.
Course Document:

Math 1121 Syllabus

Semester(s) Offered: