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Honors Combinatorics

MATH 5529H: Honors Combinatorics

Combinatorial mathematics and its connections with geometry, algebra, analysis, and probability.
Prereq: A grade of C or above in 4182H, or in both 2182H and 3345; or credit for 264H, or for both 263H and 345; or permission of department. Not open to students with credit for 594H taken in Au10.
Credit Hours

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Semests Taught: Autumn (even numbered years)


Title: Combinatorics:  Topics, Techniques, Algorithms
Author: Cameron
Publisher: Cambridge
ISBN: 9780521457613

Additional Textbook

Title: Proofs from the Book
Edition: 4th
Author: Aigner, Ziegler & Hofmann
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9783642008559