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Mathematical Methods in Relativity Theory I

MATH 5756: Mathematical Methods in Relativity Theory I

Special relativity as moving frames; tensors, exterior algebra and exterior calculus; differentiable manifolds and space time structures; parallel transport, torsion and curvatures, metric compatibility; structure equations of differential geometry.
Prereq: 2153.xx (254) and one of 2568 (568) or 5101 (601) or 572. Not open to students with credit for 665.
Credit Hours

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Semesters Taught: Autumn (even numbered years)



Title: Spacetime Physics
Edition: 2nd
Author: Taylor & Wheeler
Publisher: Freeman
ISBN: 9780716723271

Additional Textbook (Recommended)

Title: Gravitation
Author: Misner, Thorne & Wheeler
Publisher: Freeman
ISBN: 9780716703440