Actuarial Science Major

Actuarial science will develop and refine a student's analytical skills while also preparing for a career in the field of risk assessment and management. To be eligible for a job in this industry, candidates must pass a series of actuarial exams. The major curriculum is specifically geared towards preparing students to take up to five exams before receiving their undergraduate degree, creating a competitive advantage in a job search.

     -General Education (GE) Requirements
     -Pre-Major and Application
     -Requirements & Sample Schedule
     -Complementary Minors
-Actuarial Exams
-Actuarial Club at Ohio State

September 26, 2018: The SOA and CAS organizations are looking to combine their two separate organizations into one new professional organization. More information is provided by StrongerAsOne.

The Ohio State University has an Actuarial Club at Ohio State that meets each semester to hold group study sessions, hear local employers speak about opportunities in their company, and more. Information is emailed out to all students enrolled in the actuarial science major and pre-major. Students seeking more information about the actuarial science major and career are encouraged to contact Professor Ban or Professor Waller.