Jim Fowler's online calculus course lauded in Forbes

September 12, 2014
Jim Fowler

Assistant Professor Jim Fowler’s online calculus course, Calculus One, has captured the attention of many, including the publishers of Forbes Magazine. Fowler’s massive open online class (MOOC) premiered on Coursera in early 2013. The course quickly became a huge hit, thanks to Fowler’s captivating delivery and some high quality special effects. Fowler maximizes the utility of online learning’s feedback loops in his problem set design, and has created a supplemental quiz program called MOOCulus to provide students with extra problems and customized hints. Fowler’s course quickly soared to the top 3% of Coursera’s course offerings, with well over 100,000 student enrollees to date. Demand is so high the course has been granted 'continuous enrollment' status so that students do not need to wait for the next cycle. About three quarters of course participants are adults beyond the age range of the traditional college student.

Educated at Harvard and the University of Chicago, Fowler possesses a keen mind for mathematical reasoning and a dedicated heart for sharing the power of math with others. Prior to his foray into online education, Fowler taught inner-city enrichment classes in Chicago public schools and held a post-doctorate teaching position at Ohio State. Jim Fowler has done an exceptional job of dedicating his career to making math accessible- and comprehensible- to the masses.

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