Joel Moreira awarded Presidential Fellowship

April 24, 2015
Joel Moreira

Fifth year OSU Math PhD student Joel Moreira has been awarded a prestigious Presidential Fellowship by the university's Graduate School. Less than 20 of these fellowships are given every semester to the most exceptional doctoral students in the entire university. They recognize outstanding scholarship and research ability and provide recipients with the opportunity to devote all of their time to their dissertation research.

Joel joined the doctoral program in 2010 after completing his Bachelors degree at the University of Coimbra in Portugal. He has since been working under the guidance of Professor Vitaly Bergelson in the general field of Ergodic Theory. At this time Joel has six research articles in submission with important contributions to two very active research topics in Ergodic Theory, namely the so called Restricted Isometry Property and its relations to signal processing as well as on mixed/polynomial partition problems in Ramsey Theory. Joel has collaborated with numerous people, including established researchers in other schools and universities. His work has been highly recognized and praised by several of the most renowned scholars in the field both here and abroad.