What is ... ? Seminar


The What is ...? seminar will run again in Summer 2019.  Professors Vitaly Bergelson and Daniel Shapiro serve as coordinators/mediators.

The seminar's main goal is to expose culturally ambitious participants to some mathematical notions not taught in standard courses.  These topics form an important part of mathematical folklore, and may prove useful for doing research and enhancing teaching.

Lectures will be given mostly by graduate and undergraduate student participants.

2019 Talks

We will meet in Scott Lab N050 on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 4:00 during the Summer Semester.




Tue June 25 Boris Mityagin What is a Sylvester Matrix?
Thu June 27 Jake Huryn What is the Grigorchuk Group?
Tue July 2 Michael Lane What is a Markoff Number?
Tue July 9 Nik Henderson What is the Rado Graph?
Thu July 11 Ethan Ackelsberg What is Shannon Entropy?
Tue July 16 Enrique Gomez What is the Rental Harmony Theorem?
Thu July 18 Vilas Winstein What is Shor's Algorithm?
Tue July 23 Dennis Sweeney What is the Isoperimetric Inequality?
Thu July 25 Mario Gomez What is Nash Equilibrium?
Tue July 30 James Enouen

Previous Years' What is ...? Talks


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