Precollege Mathematics II

MATH 1075: Precollege Mathematics II

Algebraic, rational, and radical expressions; functions and graphs; quadratic equations; absolute value; inequalities; and applications. Credit for this course will not count toward graduation in any degree program. Prereq: 1074 or 075; or a grade of C- or above in 1050; or Math Skills Assessment Level R or S; or ACT math subscore of 22 or higher that is less than 2 years old. Not open to students with credit for any Math course above 1075, except for 1116; or for any quarter-system course above 075, except for 116. This course is available for EM credit. GE quant reason basic computation course.
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Syllabus [pdf]
Calendar [pdf]
MSLC Math 1075 Help
Autumn 2020 Midterm 1 Rooms [pdf]
Autumn 2020 Midterm 2 Rooms [pdf]
Autumn2020 Midterm 3 Rooms [pdf]
Autumn 2020 Final Exam Rooms [pdf]

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Additional Practice Problems [pdf]
Functions Supplement [pdf]
Interval Supplement [pdf]
Square Root Supplement [pdf]
Sample Midterm 1 [pdf]
Sample Midterm 2 [pdf]
Sample Midterm 3 [pdf]
Sample Final [pdf]



Title: Beginning and Intermediate Algebra
Edition: 4, OSU Custom version
Author: Miller, O'Neill & Hyde
Publisher: McGraw Hill
ISBN: 9781259541650

Semester(s) Offered: