Avner Friedman's Featured Article in BMC Systems Biology

January 11, 2017
Avner Friedman

Avner Friedman’s paper  with an MBI postdoc (Wenrui Hao) on  a  mathematical model for Alzheimers Disease  was selected to be  featured on  the homepage of the journal BMC Systems Biology.

"The present paper develops a mathematical model of AD that includes neurons, astrocytes, microglias and peripheral macrophages, as well as amyloid β aggregation and hyperphosphorylated tau proteins. The model is represented by a system of partial differential equations. The model is used to simulate the effect of drugs that either failed in clinical trials, or are currently in clinical trials."

Review the full Mathematical model on Alzhmeimer's disease article by Wenrui Hao and Avner Friedman.