Bhawesh Mishra wins Presidential Fellowship

December 2, 2021

Bhawesh Mishra wins Presidential Fellowship

Bhawesh Mishra

Bhawesh Mishra has been awarded a Presidential Fellowship by the Ohio State Graduate School.

The Presidential Fellowship is the most prestigious academic recognition awarded by the Graduate School and recognizes truly outstanding scholarship among doctoral students. Competitive nominations were submitted for students from among 94 doctoral programs across the entire OSU campus. The award provides recipients with a full year of support during the completion of their dissertations.

Bhawesh joined our doctoral program as a University Fellow in 2017 upon completion of his bachelor's degree at Berea College in Kentucky. His prior journey from a rural village in Nepal to his academic studies and successes in the US posed many obstacles and challenges that he overcame with his extraordinary persistence and passion for mathematics. Bhawesh started working with Professor Vitaly Bergelson on topics in Additive Combinatorics and Ergodic Ramsey Theory early in his second year in our program.

Already at the beginning of his fifth year of study, Bhawesh has three research articles published or accepted for publication in high-visibility journals. Remarkably, he is the sole author on all three of these papers. Bhawesh has posted two further preprints that are currently in submission. His letter writers, all accomplished leaders in the field, have described Bhawesh and his methods as ingenious, creative, clever, inventive, resourceful, extremely talented, and technically powerful.

Bhawesh has also been an exemplary citizen in our graduate community, having served as the treasurer of the Mathematics Graduate Student Association as well as a member of the department’s Diversity and Departmental Climate Committee.