Buckeye AHA! Moments Pilots Recreational Math Course SP22

December 3, 2021

Buckeye AHA! Moments Pilots Recreational Math Course SP22

Recreational Mathematics

The outreach group in the department, Buckeye Aha! Math Moments (BAMM), is piloting a Recreational Mathematics and Outreach course, Math 2194, in spring 2022. The instructors for the course are Ross Assistant Professor Claire Merriman and Associate Director of Outreach Monica Delgado. 

Math 2194 is a service-learning course appropriate for non-science majors.

The course will use games, puzzles, art, magic, and culture to motivate deep and surprising ideas in mathematics to an audience that may not be familiar with it. The goal for course participants is to translate mathematical ideas within the course topics into hands-on activities, which they will present at Columbus City Schools. 

The course instructors plan to introduce a variety of engaging mathematical topics, such as tiling problems, graph games, the binary magic trick, the 4-color theorem, as well as topics from number theory and topology. The course will additionally feature guest speakers on science communication and cultural aspects of mathematics.

Our outreach group, BAMM, started in 2018 by Erika Roldan, then a PhD student at Ohio State. The group has since received a more comprehensive support from The Department of Mathematics and the OSU NMS Division.