Hoi Nguyen Awarded NSF Career Award

February 5, 2018
<a href="http://www.math.osu.edu/~nguyen.1261/">Hoi Nguyen</a>

Join the department in congratulating Hoi Nguyen who has been awarded an NSF CAREER award.

Hoi’s  proposal is entitled  "CAREER: Littlewood-Offord Theory and Universality in Random Structures.”

From the abstract of the proposal:

"A major part of this research project provides rigorous mathematical methods to discover and justify universality phenomena for various complex systems, with a special focus on random matrices and random polynomials. This study is expected to lead to a more complete and deeper understanding of these systems, with considerable impact on related areas of science, including mathematical physics, combinatorics, number theory, statistics, and theoretical computer science. The principal investigator will also run a number of seminars and workshops to help postdoctoral researchers, graduate students, and undergraduates in their professional career development, as well as to stimulate interaction across fields including, but not limited to, combinatorics and probability."

See the NSF Award Abstract for more details.