Huang Awarded Undergraduate Research Scholarship

July 29, 2020

Huang Awarded Undergraduate Research Scholarship

Joe Huang

Congratulations to Zhengyuan (Joe) Huang, a fourth year student in our applied math-physics track, on his award of an Undergraduate Research Scholarship by the Arts and Sciences Honors Committee. This award is in recognition of Joe's excellent undergraduate research proposal, advised by Marty Golubitsky. 

Joe has been awarded a $6000 Undergraduate Research Scholarship to carry out research on mathematical classifications of homeostasis, a phenomenon that is important in many areas of biology and medicine. This award recognizes Joe's potential to make a substantial contribution in his future endeavors.

Joe, who is originally from Shanghai, China, is currently working on grad school applications in applied math PhD programs. He would like to thank his research advisor Marty Golubitsky for his mentoring.