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MATH 1150: Precalculus

Functions: polynomial, rational, radical, exponential, logarithmic, trigonometric, and inverse trigonometric. Applications. Prereq: Math Placement Level M. Not open to students with credit for 1144, 1148, or for 1149 or above, or for any quarter Math course numbered 150 or above. This course is available for EM credit. GE quant reason math and logical anly course.
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Course Documents

Syllabus and Calendar [pdf]
Homework [pdf]

Study Guides - Current Math 1150 students please refer to your Carmen Course

Midterm 1

Sample Exam [pdf]
Review Problems [pdf]

Midterm 2

Sample Exam [pdf]
Review Problems [pdf]
Formulas [pdf]

Midterm 3

Sample Exam [pdf]
Review Problems [pdf]
Formulas [pdf]

Formula Sheet [pdf]



Title: College Algebra & Trigonometry
Edition: 1st
Author: Miller and Gerken
Publisher: McGraw-Hill
ISBN: 9781259976612

Semester(s) Offered: