Actuarial Club takes first place in actuary competition

April 11, 2019
Actuarial Club at The Ohio State University

A team consisting of fourth-year actuarial science majors Connor Rogers, Elise Hallenbeck, Alec Braund and Scott Baker from the Department of Mathematics’ Actuarial Club recently took first place at a competition hosted by the health insurance company, Humana. For the first round of the competition, the members were given a case study that prompted them to perform forecasting and cost analysis for the rollout of a generic version of a pharmaceutical drug. The group submitted a paper highlighting the results and advanced to the second round, where the members traveled to Humana’s headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky. The group was tasked with a second problem that prompted them to perform analysis on claims data for opioids. Based on their findings, the members presented their recommendations on how to solve the opioid epidemic. The team was awarded a prize of \$8,000. Another team from Ohio State took third place and was awarded \$2,000.