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Welcome to Summer 2024 Calculus Advising

Calculus advising sessions with math faculty for Summer Orientation 2024 dates will run between May 28 - July 25, 2024.

  • The 2024 Calculus Advising sessions will be offered in-person (Monday through Thursday) in Cockins Hall, Room 240 from 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. by a team of math faculty.
  • Students will be helped on a first-come-first-served basis.
  • The faculty will give each student a course permission slip to confirm the courses for which the student is eligible. These permissions will also be entered into OnCourse notes as well as emailed to students.
  • Please review the information below in preparation for your session:

PowerPoint and PDFs

The following documents will help you understand some of your options for your first calculus course at Ohio State. You will have the opportunity to talk with math faculty to ascertain your best option for enrollment in a math course this Autumn. Please review the information before your session:

Calculus Advising PowerPoint

  • MATH, SCIENCE & TECHNOLOGY MAJORS – Math 1151/1156, Math 1152/1172, Math 2153
  • HONORS – Math 1181H - 2182H vs. Math 4181H - 4182H
  • ENGINEERING – Math 1152 vs. Math 1172 vs. Math 1181H
  • BUSINESS – Math 1131 vs. Math 1151
  • Math 1140-1141 – Calculus I with Review (Taught over 2 terms).

AP Guide

Calculus Options

Honors Opportunities

Mathematics Program Selection 

Research Opportunities