Calculus I

MATH 1151: Calculus I

Differential and integral calculus of one real variable. Prereq: A grade of C- or above in 1148 and 1149, or in 1144, 1150, or 150, or Math Placement Level L. (NOTE: pilot program courses Math 1120-1121 completed with C- or better also permitted as pre-requisite). Not open to students with credit for 1152 or 152.xx, or above. This course is available for EM credit. GE quant reason math and logical anly course.
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Course Documents

Syllabus [pdf]
Calendar [pdf]

Study Guides

Midterm 1

Midterm 1 Sample Au15 [pdf]
Midterm 1 Sample Au16 [pdf]
Midterm 1 Sample Sp17 [pdf]
Midterm 1 Sample Sp18 [pdf]
Midterm 1 Sample Au18 [pdf]

Midterm 2

Midterm 2 Sample Au14 [pdf]
Midterm 2 Sample Au15 [pdf]
Midterm 2 Sample Au17 [pdf]
Midterm 2 Practice [pdf]

Midterm 3

Midterm 3 Sample Au14 [pdf]
Midterm 3 Sample Au15 [pdf]
Midterm 3 Sample Sp17 [pdf]
Midterm 3 Sample Au17 [pdf]
Midterm 3 Sample Sp18 [pdf]

Practice Tests

Practice Computational Test 1 [pdf]
Practice Computational Test 2 [pdf]
Practice Computational Test 3 [pdf]
Practice Computational Test 4 [pdf]

CALCULATOR POLICY:  Calculators are NOT permitted during exams.  No electronic devices are allowed during exams.


Title: Ximera Calculus 1
ISBN: Free online access through Carmen

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