Math 1172 Practice Problems

Worksheet 1 [pdf]: Gives practice on differentiating and integrating basic functions that arise frequently
Worksheet 1 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 2 [pdf]: Covers material involving finding areas and volumes
Worksheet 2 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 3 [pdf]: Covers arclength, mass, spring, and tank problems
Worksheet 3 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 4 [pdf]: Covers various integration techniques
Worksheet 4 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 5 [pdf]: Covers partial fraction decomposition and integrals involving it
Worksheet 5 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 6 [pdf]: Covers improper integrals and sequences
Worksheet 6 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 7 [pdf]: Covers geometric series, Divergence and Ratio Test, and important conceptual questions involving partial sums
Worksheet 7 Solutions [pdf]   Partial Sums Conceptual Questions (with solutions) [pdf]

Worksheet 8 [pdf]: Covers Taylor Series
Worksheet 8 Solutions [pdf]

Taylor Series Worksheet [pdf]
Taylor Series Worksheet Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 9 [pdf]: Covers Parametric and Polar Equations
Worksheet 9 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 10 [pdf]: Covers basic vector operations, dot and cross product, and vector-valued functions
Worksheet 10 Solutions [pdf]

Worksheet 11 [pdf]: Covers planes, limits, partial derivatives, gradients, and directional derivatives
Worksheet 11 Solutions [pdf]